PA Polly offers three pricing structures designed to meet your budget and requirements.

Option 1 – Fixed Hourly Rate £30ph

  • Best for ad-hoc tasks, holiday cover and seasonal peaks
  • Recommended for new clients before committing to a retainer
  • Also recommended for existing clients requiring additional hours above agreed retainer
  • A fixed hourly rate offers the flexibility to use services as and when required

Option 2 – Retainer Rate £28ph

  • Best for regular daily, weekly or monthly tasks
  • Recommended for existing clients
  • A retainer contract provides business continuity and guaranteed availability
  • A fixed retainer also enables you to manage your budget

Option 3 – Project Rate (available on request)

  • Best for fixed project work
  • Recommended for new and existing clients
  • This option provides project continuity and guaranteed availability to completion.
  • A fixed project rate also allows you to manage your project budget
  • Rates are available on request after full review of requirements.

If you have any questions relating to the above pricing structures, please contact me and I will be happy to talk your options in detail.