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Why Use PA Polly Virtual Assistant?

I first heard the term “Virtual Assistant” in 2017 while looking for a new role. It sounded like my dream job. However, I assumed it was a concept only used in trendy Tech / Media companies. After lots of research, I discovered that VAs were in fact being used by many different types of companies. From sole traders to large multinationals, they were being hired in increasing numbers.

Virtual Assistants are growing in demand and when you look at the benefits of using someone like PA Polly, it’s easy to see why.


Whether you want to focus on growing your business, crave more leisure time or just want to be more productive, PA Polly can help. You can add more productive hours to your day by delegating your administrative tasks to an administration expert. Administration is my business and with 10 years experience of process re-engineering, I can streamline your processes and improve the productivity of your business.


There are a number of cost savings to be made by working with PA Polly. You will save on operational expenses such as office space and office equipment. As a freelancer, you will also avoid employee benefit costs such as pension contributions, holiday pay and sick pay. The biggest cost savings comes from being charged only for the time I spend WORKING FOR YOU. All billable hours are tracked and you have full visibility of what I am doing and how long it takes. All coffee breaks are on me!


Working with other clients and Virtual Assistants ensures my experience, skills and knowledge are always evolving. I am able to share ideas collaboratively with you and implement more effective ways to work. If you have a very specialised requirement, I have access to a network of other VAs with a wealth of experience to call upon. Due to the flexibility of working with a Virtual Assistant, you will be able to scale your operations during peak periods to maintain business continuity and customer service.

Please visit my Services page which outlines some of the tasks I can help you with.

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